Executive Summary

The vision of NETIPDENTAL came when a successful San Jose dentist experienced frequent computer problems in his dental office with unplanned outages and email downtime; seriously compromising his practice. The daily patient record back-up files were virtually nonexistent, and HIPPA regulation compliance was compromised.

Worse, he could not obtain immediate and effective troubleshooting and uptime support for these critical issues offered with sharp, objective and vendor neutral technical expertise. Equally, available CIO strategic advice in respect of cost effective next-gen computer hardware an software solutions was non-existent, as was enterprise grade managed IP services to increase the productivity of his practice..

The idea was born

NETIPDENTAL takes pride in providing CIO level advice, critical troubleshooting and uptime support together with cutting-edge managed IP services, including NETIP Backup (powered by CDS), NETIP Paperless Office (powered by MedicTalk), NETIP Remote, NETIP Cloud, and NETIP Security integrated information management solutions designed specifically for primary dental care practices.

The unique combination of immediate and reliable uptime, support truly independent dental practice specific CIO advice and highly competitive latest technological solutions makes NETIPDENTAL the leading company in Managed IP Services exclusively dedicated to the professional dental practice market place.

NETIPDENTAL’s vision is to facilitate the successful application and adoption of the advances of enterprise centric technology by the dental community in the Bay Area, state and nation-wide.

Data center

Armando Vasquez, CEO

Email armando@netipdental.com

Dental Technology Center (866) 856-6265