NETIP REMOTE Desktop Support

NETIPDental is pleased to offer its customers live remote desktop support. If you are having a problem with your PC, but can still access the Internet, NETIPDental can attempt to resolve your problem remotely without the need for a costly and time-consuming service call.

To get real-time remote support for your PC, please follow these directions:


In the Representatives section, check to see whether there is a representative available. If there is, click on the representative’s name.

  • Note: If no representative is available, please fill out and submit this form and a representative will contact you shortly to begin a support session.A dialog box indicating that you have chosen to download an application appears.
  • Click to Run the application.Important: This application gives the NETIPGlobal support representative temporary shared (with you) control of your PC. You will be able to see everything the representative does while having access to your PC. At the end of the support session, the application granting the support representative access to your PC will be completely remove. The representative will not have access to your PC again until you grant it.Once installed, the application (that is, the Bombgar Support Customer Client) appears.
  • Click to read the Full Terms and Conditions.
  • Click ACCEPT to accept the terms and conditions and begin the support session.
  • Select which type of support session to open (shared control or viewing only).
  • The Bomgar Support Customer Client shows the progress of the support session. Click the big X to the right at any time to end the session immediately.
  • After you end the session, you are asked to confirm. Click Yes.
  • A confirmation message appears indicating the the application has been completely removed from your PC and that the representative no longer has access.
  • Once your session is complete, please provide feedback by completing the Support Session Survey. This will help us better serve you in the future.

For more detailed directions, download this PDF.

Don’t have the free Adobe PDF reader? Download it here.