Patient-care Unified Messaging Annunciator

NETIP Dental installs Creston Touchpanels right in your cabinets!

  • Basic features include:
  • Visual Paging / Signalling
  • Room to Room Voice Intercom
  • Message Alerts
  • Dental Procedure Alerts
  • Audio & Video Control


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What is P.U.M.A.

Here is what our P.U.M.A. customers say:

“The PUMA paging system is an invaluable addition to our office.  There simply isn’t any other paging solution available that offers the same level of customization, ease of use and technology.  PUMA makes our entire office run more efficiently and saves us valuable time every day.”
Jenny Apekian DDS
Midtown Dental
Sacramento, CA
“We have used the PUMA system for a year and a half and it has been a crucial part of our growth. We increased the number of appointments in a month from 300 to over 500 and have relied on PUMA to maintain the same level of care. Everything flows  smoothly and efficiently from the front to the and in our busy office we wouldn’t be able to function without it. Personalized notifications and the ability to quickly change the music have been great extra features. It looks great and really is the next level in intra-office communication.”
Nannette Benedict DDS & Associates
Scotts Valley, CA

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