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NETIPDental is a licensed distributor of NetPBX. NetPBX’s Plug&Play is a telecommunications solution that enables you to connect all of your office locations, including home offices, and make free calls between them. NetPBX Plug&Play can also dramatically decrease your long distance costs, decrease infrastructure costs, and increase productivity through advanced communications features.

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NetPBX Plug&Play Details

NetPBX Plug&Play provides all of the conventional telelcommunications quality and features that dental offices need. To save service and infrastructure costs, NetPBX uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology and is easy to manage and grow as your practice grows. Furthermore, with one NetPBX Plug&Play in your main office, you can add extensions from any remote location, for example, from another office location, your home office, or on the road. This means you can make and receive calls from any Internet connection in the world as if you are in your main office, at no additional charge.

NETIPDental’s NetPBX Service Offering

As a licensed distributor for NetPBX Plug&Play, NETIPDental will gladly install, configure, and train you on this state-of-the-art telecommunications system. We will also provide ongoing service as your business changes and grows.

NetPBX Plug&Play works with any high-speed Internet connection and with any local or long distance telephone service provider.


Together NETIPDental and NetPBX Plug&Play support Cisco and Polycom VoIP phones.

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