NETIP Paperless Office

NETIPDENTAL Offers Dentists The “NETIP Paperless Office Solution” Powered by MedicTalk

MedicTalk DentForms is the most complete “paperless office” package on the market today.

Integrated with most patient management systems, such as Dentrix, EagleSoft, SoftDent, PracticeWorks, OpenDental, MOGO, and others, our product can make your office truly paperless in just a few hours.


With this service, you can:

Create reliable records with digital signatures
Eliminate scanning and paper charts
Reduce supply cost and boost productivity
It is easy to use! Your staff will love the simplicity!

To better meet regulatory compliance, NETIPDENTAL offers “Green” as the transformation solution for the dental offices from the current management method to digital document management.

We provide to the dental offices a cost benefit by reducing record cost, maintenance, and storage, while improving HIPAA compliance. Going “Green” with NETIP Paperless Office, the environmentally-conscious dental practices will not only increase their cost-effectiveness by minimizing unnecessary labor associated with copious paperwork, but will also help the environment by minimizing the waste and the use of paper.

Such dental practices can have patients fill out consent forms and health care questionnaires online or at the dental office prior to their dental appointment visit, saving time, money, and the planet’s resources.

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