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Infrastructure Support

Opening a new office, or upgrading an existing one? You want a computer system and network that just works, no hassles. We can install and set up your computer and networking hardware, software, and connections. Ready to go. Out of the box.

Office Backup

Protecting your data offsite is not only a requirement for the dental office, but also the best way to provide security against hardware and software crashes, viruses that attack your computers, theft, or other damages to your office that create a need for data restoration.



In this modern age, your business and your customers aren’t secure unless your data is secure. NETIPDental security services are HIPAA compliant. We ensure virus and spyware protection, wireless network security, and secure off-site access.

Breach Notification Requirements

  1. If a breach affects 500 or more individuals, all affected parties must be notified within 60 days of
  1. Written notification to every patient on record of potential identity theft.
  1. Protection of identity theft for 1 year for all active patients on
  1. Notification of all media outlets including radio, newspapers and
  1. Administrative Requirements and Burden of Proof

Source: hhs.gov website

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