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hIpaa Solution x3

Complete network protection in a single, easy-to-deploy solution

The Future Digital Dental Office Diagram

Network hardware and services are supplied, maintained, monitored and cared for by NETIP, for one low monthly subscription cost.

NETIP Paperless Office

NETIPDENTAL Offers Dentists The “NETIP Paperless Office Solution”
Powered by MedicTalk

MedicTalk DentForms is the most complete “paperless office” package on the market today.

Integrated with most patient management systems, such as Dentrix, EagleSoft, SoftDent, PracticeWorks, OpenDental, MOGO, and others, our product can make your office truly paperless in just a few hours.

With this service, you can:

Create reliable records with digital signatures

Eliminate scanning and paper charts

Reduce supply cost and boost productivity

It is easy to use! Your staff will love the simplicity!

To better meet regulatory compliance, NETIPDENTAL offers “Green” as the transformation solution for the dental offices from the current management method to digital document management.

We provide to the dental offices a cost benefit by reducing record cost, maintenance, and storage, while improving HIPAA compliance. Going “Green” with NETIP Paperless Office, the environmentally-conscious dental practices will not only increase their cost-effectiveness by minimizing unnecessary labor associated with copious paperwork, but will also help the environment by minimizing the waste and the use of paper.

Such dental practices can have patients fill out consent forms and health care questionnaires online or at the dental office prior to their dental appointment visit, saving time, money, and the planet’s resources.

Office Telecommunications – NETIP PBX VoIP Solution

NETIPDental is a licensed distributor of NetPBX. NetPBX’s Plug&Play is a telecommunications solution that enables you to connect all of your office locations, including home offices, and make free calls between them. NetPBX Plug&Play can also dramatically decrease your long distance costs, decrease infrastructure costs, and increase productivity through advanced communications features.

NetPBX Plug&Play Details

NetPBX Plug&Play provides all of the conventional telelcommunications quality and features that dental offices need. To save service and infrastructure costs, NetPBX uses Voice over IP (VoIP) technology and is easy to manage and grow as your practice grows. Furthermore, with one NetPBX Plug&Play in your main office, you can add extensions from any remote location, for example, from another office location, your home office, or on the road. This means you can make and receive calls from any Internet connection in the world as if you are in your main office, at no additional charge.

NETIPDental’s NetPBX Service Offering

As a licensed distributor for NetPBX Plug&Play, NETIPDental will gladly install, configure, and train you on this state-of-the-art telecommunications system. We will also provide ongoing service as your business changes and grows.

NetPBX Plug&Play works with any high-speed Internet connection and with any local or long distance telephone service provider

Together NETIPDental and NetPBX Plug&Play support Cisco and Polycom VoIP phones.

NETIP Cloud-Based Tech Gadget

Update your Dental Practice with New Cloud-Based Tech Gadgets

100% HIPAA Compliance Security of Your Patient Records!

NETIP Office on Demand provides a secure and fully HIPAA compliant virtual extension of remote services on the handheld devices of the dentist and key staff allowing direct remote connection to all the resources of the dental practice in order to urgently review and update patient records.

Remotely access your Front Desk and Back Office Practice Management Software and X-rays

It supports all Dental practice management and X-ray’s solution software provided by the manufactures such as EagleSoft and Dentrix. It can run on any platform of the handheld device, PC, Mac, IPhone and iPad, and operate from anywhere Internet access is available. NETIP Office on Demand provides a fully secure foot print to the dental practice and has a secure dual authentication process to connect and receive the virtual screen from the dental practice.


Connect to your dental practice from anywhere

  • – iPad
  • – iPhone
  • – Computer
  • – Any mobile device!

No need to install the application on your devices

Office On Demand is like carrying your office in your hand!

This application allows doctors and staff to remotely access their front desk and back office practice management software (e.g., Dentrix & Dexis from Henry Schein Dental) and X-rays.

Office on Demand DDS can be used with IPad, IPhone, Windows Laptop, and without installing any software. It utilizes any WiFi or cellular network connection (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc).

You no longer have to be in the office to view and update patient charts, appointment books, and ledger modules.

Dental Companies’ Software Supported
by Office on Demand DDS:

  • – Henry Schein Dentrix
  • – MacPractice
  • – Curve Dental
  • – Carestream Dental
  • – MOGO


Patient-care Unified Messaging Annunciator

NETIP Dental installs Creston Touchpanels right in your cabinets!

Basic features include:

Business Class Server

Room to Room
Voice Intercom

Message Alerts

Dental Procedure

Audio & Video

What is P.U.M.A.

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